Backlit Stained Glass

Backlit Stained Glass for Historic and Religious Properties

Stained Glass Austin is honored to provide leading backlit stained glass services. We offer custom LED lighting panels for any stained glass feature, enabling beautiful, illuminated stained glass without the need for natural sunlight or window space. Historic properties can restore antique stained glass and repurpose them as art while new custom stained glass projects can also utilize this service.

Custom LED Lighting for Your Stained Glass Panels

Our custom LED lighting services are available for any stained glass feature. We’ve partnered with leading custom LED lighting manufacturers to ensure the perfect fit for any size or shape. This energy-saving option is a great way to enhance your stained glass as a piece of art. Historic property owners can utilize these services for restoring any old stained glass that may be replaced instead. Backlit stained glass is great for custom signage, photo opportunities, art, visual branding and marketing, and much more.

The Advantages of Custom LED Lighting for Backlit Stained Glass

Backlit stained glass with custom LED lighting provides the following exclusive advantages:

  • Slim 8mm LED lighting panels
  • Energy-saving LED lighting with minimal heat output
  • Available in tunable white, single-color white, and RGBW color lighting
  • Customize brightness by choosing number of lumens
  • Consistent illumination and brightness throughout
  • 70,000 hour lifespan with patented heat sink
  • Frameless look
  • Flexible LED lighting panels available for unique designs

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We’d love to help you explore the world of backlit stained glass and how it benefits your historic or commercial property. Work with our team of stained glass experts to bring your project to life. Schedule your free backlit stained glass consultation today!