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Dalle de Verre Glass Restoration in Austin

We are honored to be the trusted source for Dalle de Verre glass restoration in Austin. Dalle de Verre is a lovely art form, but is no longer practiced as widely as it once was. Therefore, these exquisite works of art are becoming increasingly rare. We are proud to say that we are one of the very few companies in existence today that provides Dalle glass restoration.


Restoration Preserves Your Beautiful Dalle Glass

Dalle de Verre is a technique that was developed in France in 1930 by an artist named Jean Gaudin that utilizes thick slabs of colorful glass to create compelling abstract designs. The direct translation of the term Dalle de Verre is “slabs of glass.” A flat bed of sand is used as the base for the composition. Then, large chunks of glass are cut from thick slabs and formed into shape using a hammer to chisel the edge and create a faceted aesthetic. The glass pieces are laid out in a design and epoxy is poured over them to hold them in place. Finally, additional sand is added between the grooves to create a finished look.

Dalle Glass reached a height in popularity between the years of 1960-1970, making the works that exist today approximately 50-60 years old. Unfortunately, because of their age, many of these rare and enchanting compositions are beginning to show signs of deterioration like cracks, crumbling, and loose pieces. Dalle glass restoration allows Austin residents and churches to preserve their beloved artwork. Restoration strengthens the composition and rejuvenates its beauty.


Dalle de Verre Repair & Restoration Process

Our process for repairing your Austin Dalle glass starts with an onsite consultation. First, we examine and evaluate the condition of the composition. This allows us to generate a plan of action for repair and provide you with a rough estimate.

Then, we will begin the repairs by removing sections of the glass. If the composition is very large or heavy, we may carry out the repair process in phases. In the meantime, we can provide you with an artificial replica to put in place of the missing piece. In our studio, we will carefully take apart the panel and clean up the edges of each glass slab. Then, we will reassemble it using the same traditional techniques that were employed when it was originally made.


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