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Custom Glasswork with Denver Stained Glass

Stained Glass Austin is one of the most renowned church stained glass restoration studios in the entire country. This is in large part due to our deep care and dedication to the craft. We understand the role stained glass plays in chapels across the country, which is why we take great care creating new glass and restoring old glass that will last 80-100 years when properly maintained.

However, our experience extends beyond merely creating beautiful church stained glass window designs. We also have vast experience working with church committees for consensus and ideas on fundraising to support a church’s restoration project.



See our images to see examples of the many types and patterns we provide.


Call us to arrange a free consultation so we can go through your alternatives and costs.


An expert designer from our team will craft a stunning piece of stained glass just for you and your vision.


Our team will start constructing the leaded stained glass that you have specifically planned. Pieces of colored glass must first be manually cut, painted, and put together before being secured with lead came.


We carefully and precisely install stained glass, guaranteeing that your new window will be lovely and useful for many years to come.


Repair & Restoration

If you have a stained glass window that has been damaged by hail or is starting to look a little bit more rustic than you’d like and is showing signs of aging, we can help. We’ll come out to your church and inspect the stained glass from head to toe. We can also provide appraisal services ($500 minimum) and give you an idea of how much your antique church artwork is worth then help you find the most viable path for making repairs.

Meet Martin Faith

Scottish Stained Glass is proud to be able to showcase their beautiful stained glass designs to the residents of Denver. In business for over 20 years, Scottish was indeed founded by a Scotsman – owner Martin Faith.

Martin’s philosophy is simple. “Give our clients exactly what they want, at a price they can afford — with the best possible customer service and the highest quality product.”

Since its inception, Scottish has installed over 40,000 stained and leaded glass windows and doors, not to mention skylights, transoms, hanging panels and even family crests.

Repeatedly recognized for our outstanding work, we have been featured on a host of different national television stations, including, CBS, NBC, and Fox Network. We have also been featured more than once on both HGTV and the DIY Network.

Stained Glass for Austin Homes

Stained glass windows are obviously beautiful, but they can also be quite functional. They provide privacy, enhance a home’s interior or exterior design, and increase the resale value of any home. But one of the best parts of having custom stained glass created for your Austin home is that it looks great anywhere, including:
  • Bathrooms
  • Entryway
  • Sidelight
  • Transoms
  • Kitchen
  • Cabinets

Whether you are looking to brighten up an entryway or create a bathroom that lets natural light in without compromising on privacy, Stained Glass Austin has the perfect solution. Stained glass panels improve the value of your home by transforming mediocre living spaces into stunning rooms that reflect your personal style. Not only are the colors and designs pleasing to the eye, but the material itself is so strong that it will practically last forever. The appeal of stained glass never gets old. Stained Glass Austin can help you create a truly beautiful space that you would love to be in.

We have thousands of different glass options to choose from, so you can pick something that is just right for you and your home. Opalescent, streaked, picture-type, abstract, and geometric patterns are just a few of the many design options we offer.

Stained Glass for Austin Commercial Properties

Stained glass is such a functional art form that it is perfect for commercial spaces in Austin. Our stained glass will brighten and enhance your business while also lending it a competitive edge. On top of that, business owners in Austin love that stained glass windows provide a high ROI. Stained glass works beautifully in many different commercial properties including:
  • Hotel & casino windows
  • Retail windows
  • Cruise ships
  • Spas & salons
  • Country clubs
  • Restaurant, bar, and pub windows

Stained glass windows are unique because they’re far more than just a decorative feature. They’re an attraction. Customers will go out of their way to visit a restaurant with beautiful decorative glass art. Or they’ll pay extra to book their wedding or special event at a venue that has a stunning stained glass backdrop that’s perfect for taking photos.

Perhaps you’ve always dreamed of expanding your services and renting out that extra room in your property. Or maybe you’re simply looking for a beautiful way to showcase your brand. Whatever your goals are, our design team can make your vision a reality.

From elegant signage and hanging stained glass panels to dazzling entryways, ceilings, and more, we do it all. Give your business a look that’s authentic and all its own with our custom commercial glass windows.

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