New Braunfels Stained Glass

Stained Glass Austin Brings Custom Designed and Hand Crafted Stained Glass to New Braunfels TX

Stained Glass Austin is proud to offer its custom designs and highest quality stained glass to the style-savvy residents of New Braunfels TX. New Braunfels is a historic town with a mix of older buildings and new more modern construction. Residents might love the style of the architecture in the Gruene Historical District or the legendary Gruene Hall, or they might prefer something more modern in style.


It’s for this reason, people’s individual styles and tastes, that we do every stained glass window custom to our clients’ specifications. Whether a client is looking for an antique style stained glass window that would look great in an older Victorian style home, or a modern contemporary beveled glass design that would look good in one of New Braunfels’ newer subdivisions, we can design it, build it, and install it.

Residential Stained Glass Makes New Braunfels Homes Shine

For our residential clients, we create custom designs in any size or shape, for any area of a home from the basement to the bedroom. Popular are stained glass entryways. Adding stained glass in this way adds distinctiveness, privacy, value, beauty (of course) plus it can even let in more light if stained glass panels are installed in the front door. We also do stained glass designs for bathroom windows, hallway windows, kitchen windows and cabinet doors, and anywhere else our clients request it.

As far as styles go, we work in a wide variety of styles, from antique to traditional Celtic designs or Art Nouveau designs to the more contemporary look of Mission stained glass that is frequently associated with iconic architect and designer Frank Lloyd Wright.</

Also extremely popular for New Braunfels Homeowners is our specially designed leaded and beveled stained glass, which catches and refracts the light passing through in stunning and unusual ways.

Commercial Stained Glass Makes New Braunfels Businesses Stand Out and Be Remembered

We do custom commercial stained glass for New Braunfels offices, shops, salons, restaurants, bars and pubs, hotels and bed and breakfasts, theaters, municipal spaces, and many other types of commercial establishments.


Our stained glass can be designed to match any décor or style. Popular commissions are stained glass signs or window panels that include the name of the establishment as part of the design. Other commercial clients are looking for stained glass skylights, ceilings, glass partitions, backdrops behind a bar, and much more. We collaborate with our business clients to create stained glass that will take their establishment’s décor to a new level of uniqueness, gorgeousness, and memorability.

Religious Stained Glass Adds Inspiration to New Braunfels Churches and Other Houses of Worship

If you’ve ever seen and admired the stained glass windows in the sanctuary of New Braunfels’ First United Methodist Church or any of the other incredible stained glass art in area churches, you know how much inspiration and upliftment stained glass can add to a church or chapel. Stained Glass Austin is honored to continue the centuries-old tradition of religious stained glass by collaborating with New Braunfels churches and creating custom windows, modern or traditional in appearance.