Stained Glass Hallway Windows

ASG Hallway Stained Glass (24)

Austin Stained Glass is proud to be a part of the largest stained glass studio in the country. In our more than 20 years in business, hallway stained glass windows have always been our most popular option for Austin homeowners.

Hallway windows offer natural light to an often narrow space, but tend to lack functionality in terms of privacy. Many homeowners sacrifice the sunlight in order to put up blinds or curtains to create privacy for their hallway. But this isn’t necessary. Stained and leaded glass can give your hallway windows a special type of privacy that doesn’t block out the sun.

Privacy With Hallway Stained Glass 

In your home, the area where privacy is not a matter of compromise is the hallway. Hallway windows are not uncommon. They are found along corridors and near staircases. They are a wonderful source of natural light, but without any sort of covering, it leaves you and your family vulnerable and exposed to neighbors and passersby. In your own home, you should be able to move between rooms with comfort and privacy.

Stained and leaded glass is the perfect solution to your hallway window dilemmas. These beautiful, eye-catching features give hallway windows an artistic look while also making them more functional. And at Austin Stained Glass, we’re experts at creating gorgeous hallway window designs.

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