Austin Stained Glass

High-Quality Custom Stained Glass for Austin

Austin is known for its culture, food scene, nightlife, and the passion of its residents for their city and their homes. Whether their home is in the hip Travis Heights or the family-oriented Falcon Pointe, many Austin residents enjoy decorating their space to reflect their tastes and show their style. That’s where Stained Glass Austin comes in with completely custom stained glass features.

Austin Stained Glass

We create custom, hand-built, high-quality stained glass windows and doors for Austin residences, commercial establishments, and houses of worship. We work one-on-one with each client, determining the styles and designs that fit their space and tastes.

Stained Glass for Your Austin Home

Some of the most popular places to install stained glass in Austin homes include the entryway (including the sidelights, the transom above the front door, and the front door itself), the kitchen (including windows, doors, and even cabinets), the bathroom (including bathroom windows and closet doors) and the living room (including picture windows and bay windows).

The benefit of working with a custom stained glass studio is that you can create stained glass art in any style you like. We can design antique styles, contemporary styles, leaded and beveled glass styles, or styles based on architects and stained glass designers such as Frank Lloyd Wright and Charles Rennie Mackintosh.

Stained Glass for Austin Businesses

With our commercial stained glass, the only limit is your imagination. Nothing adds that wow factor like the perfect stained glass design. It could be a skylight in a trendy restaurant, a backdrop in a bar, a ceiling in a hotel, front windows in an upscale salon, or anything else you could want. Our motto? Where there’s glass, there can be stained glass. This means our clients can also consider stained glass inserts into wood doors, both external and internal.

Highest Quality Stained Glass Austin

Stained Glass for Austin Churches and Temples

Here at Stained Glass Austin, we are proud to preserve the tradition of religious stained glass that has been alive in houses of worship around the world for centuries, dating back all the way to the Middle Ages. Many of Austin’s churches have stunning stained glass windows, such as the Gethsemane Lutheran Church of Austin. Our religious stained glass windows are true works of art, and we can make them as detailed or as simple as our client wants. We create traditional glass artwork featuring Bible scenes, saints, and other religious symbols, but we also make more modern pieces that still inspire.

If your house of worship already has stained glass that has reached antique status, our master craftsmen are also experts in stained glass repair and restoration.

About Stained Glass Austin

Stained Glass Austin is part of the largest stained glass studio in the nation, and we use local designers and builders to ensure our products are the highest quality. We have 20 years of stained glass experience and are proud to have earned the Better Business Bureau’s Gold Star seven years in a row for no customer complaints. We pride ourselves on quality workmanship and outstanding customer service. Contact us today to start on your next stained glass project!