Author - Martin Faith

austin church stained glass restoration

5 Reasons Why Austin Needs Church Stained Glass Restoration

Imagine stepping into an Austin church and being greeted by the vibrant colors of a restored stained glass window. In Austin, church stained glass windows are more than just architectural elements; they are a profound blend of history, art, and faith. As time takes its toll, the call for restoration becomes...

stained glass austin church project tabernacle

Eternal Elegance: Stained Glass Austin’s Masterpiece for Battle Creek Tabernacle

The Battle Creek Tabernacle stands as a living testament to the enduring power of faith and history. Over the years, the church has evolved from humble wooden structures to its present, more modern building. In 2023, the congregation embarked on a transformative journey to celebrate its storied past while enhancing...

Setting a Budget for Your Stained Glass Project in Austin

Installing beautiful stained glass windows or other features in your Austin home is an investment worth thoughtful planning. Setting a realistic budget upfront and understanding cost factors helps the project go smoothly. Stained Glass Material Costs The bulk of expense for stained glass is the materials - colored glass, textured glass, lead...

modern stained glass austin

Incorporating Modern Stained Glass into Your Austin Home’s Decor

Stained glass is making a comeback in contemporary home design. Its unique beauty and artistic flair elevate ordinary rooms into extraordinary spaces. Keep reading to learn how modern stained glass for your Austin residence can create a stunning transformation. (more…)

Reasons to Restore Your Historical Commercial Stained Glass in the New Year

Stained glass isn't just common in churches here -- it's actually a popular feature of many historical buildings. This is because, during the early 20th century, everything from stained glass signs in restaurants to stained glass transom windows in banks were fashionable architectural features. Furthermore, most stained glass windows from this...

Beautiful, Modern Examples Bathroom Stained Glass in Austin

Stained glass isn't just for old buildings and churches. Though the art form originated thousands of years ago, it's still used by modern designers and architects today. There are many places that you can use stained glass in your home to give it a stylish, contemporary look. For example, bathrooms,...