Austin’s Stained Glass Styles

Austin’s Stained Glass Styles

Austin is an eclectic city with an eclectic set of tastes that run the spectrum of design tastes. Austin’s stained glass roots exist both in the Victoria stained glass that was imported from the East Coast to adorn the home’s of the wealth and the Spanish inspired stained glass that was created by Spanish & Mexican craftsman. Today Austin Stained Glass styles run the spectrum of modern, contemporary, and historic and Scottish Stained Glass can design for them all.

Austin Frank Lloyd Wright Style Stained Glass

In chronological order, Victorian and Spanish style windows are the oldest stained glass styles seen in Austin although most glass was Victorian because the majority of the early population was Anglo settlers. These early settlers then began installing the more popular Tiffany style windows around the turn of the century.

Tiffany style stained glass, while remaining popular for decades eventually gave way to the Prairie and then Frank Lloyd Wright styles of stained glass. These styles were especially suited to Austin’s climate and style, emphasizing broad geometric lines and earth toned glass colors. Mackintosh style stained glass, including the Mackintosh rose have also become very popular in certain older Austin neighborhoods.

In more modern suburban neighborhoods, stained glass styles tend to more often be contemporary or modern, meaning that we generally install clear, beveled and textured glass with little or no use of color. While these styles may not be appropriate for every Austin home, they do fit nicely in newer homes where large bathroom windows, transoms, sidelights, and entry doors present privacy and security risks, but look ugly when covered by blinds or drapes.

Whatever style of stained glass you might desire in your Austin home, Scottish Stained Glass is here to help with the design process and uses time tested construction techniques adapted to meet modern construction standards. Contact us today to schedule an in home appointment or learn more about your options.

Martin Faith is a talented artisan, businessman, and collector of rare and antique stained glass windows. After moving to the United States from Scotland, Martin opened up his own studio which produces custom, handmade stained glass. He and his team have produced over 50,000 stained and leaded glass windows for over 12,000 customers of various styles including Art Noveau, Art Deco, Mission, Prairie, Greene & Greene, contemporary, and beveled glass. Martin's areas of expertise range widely and include historic glass preservation, religious stained glass, and restoration. His work adorns the walls of homes, businesses, and churches all throughout the city of Austin and the surrounding area.

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