Chapel & Church Stained Glass

We do custom designed and hand crafted chapel and church stained glass for the Austin area and across the state. Religious stained glass is one of our passions, always beautiful and inspiring to work on from original design concept to final installation into the windows of the building.

Because all of our stained glass is custom designed to our clients ideas and specifications, no two chapel or church stained glass projects are the same. And no job is too large or too small, from one window to a bank of windows. From one small door insert to massive stained glass double doors.

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We offer chapels and churches the highest quality stained glass, still built by hand the traditional way, but using the most modern materials and CAD software.

The stained glass we create can be for a window, a door, a ceiling, a wall, a skylight, anywhere. And the designs we create can show traditional religious theology: biblical scenes, icons or saints, symbols of worship, or other traditional symbology.

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Or our chapel and church custom stained glass can be done in a different vein, using brilliantly colored abstract patterns or even colorless leaded stained glass. It’s all up to the individual church or chapel as to what they are going for.

Religious Stained Glass Austin

Chapel and Church Stained Glass Process

To create our custom designed stained glass, we work together with each client. We can work with the pastor, priest, archbishop, or building committee. We come to the location and see exactly where the stained glass will be installed, what the furnishings and architecture are like. We can discuss themes, ideas, colors, look at photos and samples, and make sketches of the suggested designs.

Once the design is finalized, we’ll make an exact blueprint back in our studios, order the necessary supplies, and turn the actual construction over to one of our local, specially trained artisans. This experienced stained glass builder will cut and assemble each piece of glass by hand, with the utmost care and attention to detail. When the finished panels are finally installed, many of our religious stained glass customers are stunned at their beauty.

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For clients who are interested in creating a prayer room or chapel within their homes, the process is the same. We can do one religious-inspired window in the room, or more.

One of the purposes of religious stained glass for churches and chapels is to uplift, to inspire, and to deepen the experience or prayer or worship via its beauty. Our chapel and church stained glass is more than up to the task, and built to stand the test of time.

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