Temple Stained Glass

Temple stained glass has a long and beautiful history in temples around the world, including Jewish shuls and synagogues, LDS temples, and even Hindu temples. Many people associate stained glass mainly with churches, but temples have their fair share of historic and famous glass art.

We are always excited by the opportunity to create religious temple stained glass, because of its rich history and the beautiful intricate scenes and designs that are required. Here at Stained Glass Austin, we create custom religious stained glass for temples of all kinds. Because our work is custom, we can accommodate any style of stained glass and any size or shape windows, doors, ceilings, or other panels.

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When we do custom temple stained glass, we work together with the temple leadership or building committee to create the perfect design that expresses what that temple’s message and mission are, in gorgeous colors and textures.

Our designers can create anything from traditional religious symbols to modern abstract art. And the windows can be done in any array of colors, or no colors at all.

Popular stained glass designs in Jewish temples include scenes from the Old Testament, scenes from the Holy Land, symbols such as the Star of David, the Menorah, the Torah, the Ten Commandments, or other symbols.

Religious Stained Glass Austin

LDS temples are known for their beauty and their incredibly fine, detailed stained glass windows. Popular stained glass designs in LDS temples include biblical scenes, The First Vision, the life of Christ, and nature, with a particular focus on trees and foliage.

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When it comes to temple stained glass for Hindu temples, they frequently depict scenes from the Hindu scriptures and many other beautiful designs. One magnificent example is the stained glass ceiling in the New Vrindaban Temple in West Virginia.

Our process to create religious temple stained glass is simple and effective. We come to you, work with you discussing themes, ideas, and looking at photos and samples. We will make sketches of various designs until we come up with the exact designs for the temple, whether that is for one small window or door or a whole wall of windows or ceiling of stained glass. And we take equal pride and give equal care to each project, no matter how large or small.

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Our sketches are turned into exact blueprints using modern CAD software, and our stained glass is built with the highest quality materials, designed to last for many generations to come, perhaps even centuries to come.

Stained Glass Austin is part of the nation’s largest hand-building stained glass studio in the country, with over twenty years’ experience. We would be honored to earn your business. For more information about custom temple stained glass, please contact us today.





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