Stained Glass Design & Styles

Austin café with unique stained glass windows, vibrant colors, no people

Elevate Your Austin Business with Custom Stained Glass Design

Stained Glass Design in Austin: Transforming Your Space Imagine walking into a café or restaurant where every detail tells a story, and the ambiance sets the perfect mood for your visit. This is the magic that stained glass design from Austin brings to modern commercial spaces. Not only does it enhance...

Antique backlit stained glass in Austin movie set interior

Backlit Stained Glass in Austin: A Hidden Gem in Cinematic Set Design

The Artistic and Practical Appeal of Backlit Stained Glass in Austin In Austin, a city celebrated for its vibrant culture and artistic innovation, the unique charm of antique backlit stained glass is not just a decorative choice but a narrative tool in film and media. This distinctive medium, known for its...

Commercial building with vibrant temple stained glass from Austin

Temple Stained Glass in Austin: Blending Spirituality with Commercial Architecture Design

Temple Stained Glass in Austin: Your Key to Inspired Design In the bustling heart of Austin, where innovation blends with tradition, temple stained glass emerges as a transformative hero for commercial adaptive reuse architecture projects. This revered art form, steeped in history and spirituality, can transform any ordinary commercial space into...

Antique chapel with intricate stained glass windows in Austin

Unveiling Austin’s Soul: The Untold Stories of Chapel Stained Glass

Discover the Spiritual Heritage through Chapel Stained Glass in Austin In Austin, a city renowned for its vibrant culture and deep-rooted spirituality, the antique chapel stained glass serves as not just architectural elements, but as vibrant storytellers of the faith and history intertwined within the community. Many residents and visitors walk...

colorful stained glass art installation in urban Austin setting

Transforming Public Spaces: The Intersection of Stained Glass Artistry and Austin’s Urban Landscape

Revitalizing Spaces with Stained Glass Austin In the heart of Austin, where contemporary art thrives amidst a culturally rich backdrop, a unique hero emerges to solve the aesthetic and functional dilemmas faced by public art spaces: stained glass. Stained glass in Austin does not merely fill spaces with radiant colors; it...

modern stained glass austin

Incorporating Modern Stained Glass into Your Austin Home’s Decor

Stained glass is making a comeback in contemporary home design. Its unique beauty and artistic flair elevate ordinary rooms into extraordinary spaces. Keep reading to learn how modern stained glass for your Austin residence can create a stunning transformation. (more…)

transom stained glass inspiration austin

Transom Stained Glass Inspiration for Austin Homes

Have you ever wondered what the little window cutouts above your doorway or a larger window are called? These are known as transom windows. Builders use them to bring more light into room interiors. While they're quite practical, flat glass transoms can be rather plain. But decorating them is difficult....

marc chagall stained glass austin

A Closer Look at Marc Chagall Stained Glass Around the World

Marc Chagall was a prominent stained glass artisan and influential artist. While Chagall practiced many art forms, his contributions to stained glass, as an art form, were vast. Chagall's work is distinct for both its subject matter and its unique appearance, and has captivated the attention of individuals around the...